AI-Software to underwrite multifamily deals in less time

Eliminate manual work in underwriting cashflows and rent roll analysis

"Integrating into our underwritng process has allowed our deal team to make more sophisticated investment decisions, in a fraction of the time! The software does a tremendous job of quickly integrating the financials (T12, RR) into a simple, easy to read model and actually goes a step further by mapping it directly into our internal, robust model. Completing proformas and presenting returns to partners is now done althemore confidentially with the leverage of Clik's technology."
Jeremy Cisneros

Director of Multifamily Acquisitions

"I was so very impressed with the speed of transferring all the data accurately into the template from the financials of my apartment complex- 308 units. Wow‼️‼️ It would have taken my team at least 1-2 hours to get all that in, it’s very time consuming. Really excited 😆 to get to do it so fast so that we can spend time doing the calculations & analyzing the real guts of the underwriting process. A huge time $aver‼️‼️‼️🌈🌈🙏 Thank You!"
Vinney Chopra

Managing Principal, Moneil Investment Group LLC


Auto spread and standardize Operating statements & Rent Rolls

Let the machines do the repetitive work. No more data entry.Automate hours of inputting and classifying rent roll, cashflow PDF data into models.

Parse, clean and analyze any rent roll PDF and generate analytics instantaneously (lease turnover, vacancy and rent trends).

Pre-trained underwriting AI for multifamily and other CRE asset classes and for all types of products including FannieMae, CMBS, industry standard line item classifications.


Automate your spreadsheets

Clik engine performs underwriting in as little as 15 minutes and provides a downloadable excel-based financial model with CF, CF summary, TTM, Rent Roll tab, TI/LC calculations, property sizing tab and sensitivity analysis based on different cashflow scenerios, DY, DSCR, LTV and many more parameters. You can bring your own models to platform.

As simple as "Upload > Extract > Download"


Stop wasting hours building cashflow models manually

Use our sophisticatd investor return models or plug AI directly to your financial models to run cahsflow and investor return models in minutes and at scale. Stop wasting hours doing this work.

Model all scenarios of the deal including Cash-on-Cash return, LTV, Waterfall structures, LP/GP split.

Parse, clean and analyze any rent roll PDF to generate analytics (lease turnover, vacancy and rent trends) instantaneously.

Pre-trained underwriting AI for multifamily and other CRE asset classes.

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