What is Argus Modeling?

Argus modeling is a software used to breakdown the financials of a commercial real estate lease over time. This allows you to model commercial leases without building an excel model from scratch to analyze a new commercial real estate opportunity.

The Argus modeling software helps build out cash flow projections for multiple leases. These leases have complex reimbursement structures, varying rent escalation schedules, re-leasing assumptions, and renewal probabilities that create realistic scenarios that feed into cash flow.

Modeling gives commercial real estate professionals who purchase or lease office, industrial, retail, or hospitality spaces, all the data to analyze a project and determine its project yield.

Automate Argus Modeling Process with Clik.ai

The Argus Modeling process relies on input. Time needs to be taken to accurately input the data from financial and lease documentation into the Argus software. Time is a hot commodity in commercial real estate and one that can mean the difference between being successful or missing out on a purchase.

Benefits of Argus Modeling

When running due diligence on a commercial real estate deal, the ability to review and identify the returns and cashflow a property could produce is vital. Not only can you compare properties and potential returns, but using Clik.ai you could automate building Argus models significantly and will speed up your decision-making process.

With a complete Argus Model, you can easily:

  • Keep up on valuation methods and standardize your portfolio
  • Analyze and capitalize on opportunities
  • Operate efficiently and effectively with updated budgets
  • Receive property insights to help mitigate risk
  • Create benchmarks to test property assumptions
How to use Clik.ai with Argus for faster underwriting?

Clik.ai is used by Commercial Real Estate investors and brokers to to assist in automating the input of rent roll and income statements to build Argus Models much faster. Since 2017, we have helped investors underwrite and manage over $40 Billion in commercial real estate assets ranging from multifamily, office, retail and other CRE properties.

By working with the Clik.ai software, Commercial Real Estate investors can reduce operating expenses, stay competitive, free up time to focus on customer relationships, and spend time on deal analysis rather than data input and modeling.

When looking to boost your deal underwriting using Argus Models, consider the automated underwriting software product from Clik.ai.